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Year 5 Bikeability Level 1 Permission Slip

I give permission for my child to take part in the Assessments and the Level 1 Cycle course to be delivered in the school playground.*
We will provide a suitable bike and helmet for my child to use.*
I have completed the checks below on the bike.*
Air - Check that there is enough air in the tyres. Give them a firm squeeze and they should feel like an apple.*
Brakes - Please apply the front and back brake one at a time and ensure that they work.*
Chain - Spin the pedals around and check that the chain spins round. It shouldn’t make too much noise and should be clear of rust.*
Direction - Check the handlebars are going in the correct direction and are tight by putting front wheel between your legs and twisting the handlebars. They should not move.*
Please tick the box below if your child does not have a suitable bike to use but would like to borrow one.
Please indicate your child’s cycling ability*