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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Vision 2019+

Please choose a curriculum subject from the sub menu to see current information.  This will be added to and amended as our curriculum planning and development work continues.

Curriculum Developments for 2019-2020:

Cornerstones and the Wider Curriculum:

How are we using Cornerstones to support our curriculum

Each year group will teach 6 pre-selected topics:

  • 2 will have a science focus
  • 1 will have a history focus
  • 1 will have a geography focus
  • 1 will have an art and design focus
  • 1 will have a design and technology focus  (computing in Y6)

In order to ensure we are explicitly linking our curriculum to the Jersey Curriculum:

  • Geography will be linked explicitly to the Jersey Curriculum objectives
  • Jersey links need to be explicitly added e.g visits and visitors
  • In the third term, science will need to be taught discretely either weekly or blocked.

Long Term Plan of the Cornerstones Units we will be teaching 2019-2020

Please note these units are not listed in the order they will be taught.