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At La Moye, pupils are offered taster sessions in French as early as Nursery and we have ensured continuous French provision for a number of years from EYFS right through to Key Stage 2.

Pupils are introduced to French early on with native French speakers, from “Alliance FranÒ«aise”, visiting Foundation and Key stage 1 classes. Pupils are exposed to songs, nursery rhymes and age appropriate French stories. The emphasis is on fun, with a very visual approach to language learning, through various media. At Key Stage 2, French is taught for an hour a week by a specialist French teacher. We follow the “Salut Jersey” course and supplement the curriculum with a wide variety of other interactive resources.

Language learning is divided into four areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We address all four skills, with special emphasis placed on listening and speaking. The pupils learn French in a very active way, communicating with their teacher and to each other in groups or pairs. By the end of Year 6 the pupils should understand a range of simple questions and conversations. They should have the ability to ask and answer questions, act out roleplays and deliver presentations in French. Their written work should show increased grammatical awareness and accuracy, and pupils are encouraged to become independent learners through the use of dictionaries.

In Years 5 and 6, pupils are offered the chance to perform in the French Eisteddfod and La Moye has also played host to visiting French pupils and engaged in penpal writing. In Year 6, pupils travel to France for an extended stay in order to experience life in France and further enhance their cultural awareness.