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Jersey Premium

Eligibility for Jersey Premium

There are three eligibility criteria:

  • all pupils who are have ever been Looked After Children (LAC)
  • children from households which have recently claimed Income Support
  • children from households with 'Registered' status that would qualify to claim Income Support if they had lived in Jersey for five years 

Expressing a parental preference

The Education and Social Security Departments work together to identify children who are eligible for Jersey Premium. Parents and schools will be informed who their eligible pupils are.

If you do not want your child to benefit from Jersey Premium, you need to inform your child's school in writing.

School Admission

Applying for a States' school place:

You must complete and return the admission form below to the Education department.

You will also need copies of:

  • Proof of address in Jersey;
  • Proof of your child's identity;
  • Proof of both parent's identities; and
  • Your child's birth certificate.

Click on this link below to find out more

To read the States of Jersey Admissions policy click.

Read the States of Jersey Admission Appeals Policy to appeal for an admission decision.

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