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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 Website page.

Dear Children and Parents, 

Welcome to our page on the school website. For as long as school closures continue we will maintain 'distance learning' from here and on google classroom -

Please do your best to and remember to be kind, try hard and enjoy your learning. Good guidance not just for school but for life too!

Completed learning can be submitted through google classroom or emailed directly to us. 

Please keep up to date via this page, where you will receive important information and learning tasks for your child. Continue to use our email addresses for all communication:

Should you experience any issues with google classroom please email who will provide assistance.  

Thanks so much for your efforts over recent weeks; we are so impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication shown by all to continue to ASPIRE and ACHIEVE, TOGETHER! Please continue to support your child with a range of learning tasks and activities whilst maintaining health and wellbeing. 

It is lovely for us to receive your emails and to see the photos of your child's learning. Please keep them coming. Good communication is the key to success in these tricky times. 

Please make use of the Jersey Learning At Home website which contains lots of great ideas and activities. It's here.....

Our expectations for the summer term are as follows:

Spellings- children practice common exception words and high frequency words (in your child's learning pack) for 20 minutes daily. For children that are confident when tested, please learn words with the suffix ion, ous, ed and ly. 

Handwriting- use for both letter formation and joins. We expect children to complete this practice in their home writing books. Quality trumps quantity; no need to write more than 8 lines and try and focus on correct formation and consistency. 5 mins. 

Reading- All children to read daily for 20 minutes. Do try and read a selection of fiction and information books. We will also be setting a weekly reading comprehension task to be completed in the home writing book. 

Writing- As outlined in the day's plan below. 40 minutes  approx. 

Maths- Practise times tables and associated division facts daily. Also consolidate knowledge of number bonds to 10, to 20 and 100 daily. Use this interactive 100 square for assistance 

Children have also been given log in details for Times Tables Rock Stars so please make daily use of this. Our main maths learning foci will be on calculating perimeter and the task will be on google classroom. 40 mins approx. 

PSHE- We are moving on to a new unit of learning looking at our relationships with others, in our family, school and in our wider community. We are thinking about the roles and occupations of men and women in our society and, very importantly, what are our responsibilities to ensure that our relationships with others are positive and caring. 

Topic- Predators

Science- As above. 

PE- Undertake a daily 7 minute workout Make links with your PSHE Healthy Me learning. Google Just dance for kids for other active ideas. Mums and dads, join in too! Keep moving!

French- Use the knowledge organiser (attached below) and practise daily for 10 to 15 minutes. Lots more great activities are on at

Movies are coming from Madame Surcouf. 

Music- Access, practice and learn the following songs:  We will remember them  / War medley, 

RE- We are beginning to look at other religions around the world, focussing on Hinduism initially. There is a powerpoint presentation attached below for children to watch. 

As you are completing these tasks, please remember….

  • Do your best.
  • Don’t panic or get upset if you don’t complete all tasks or find yourself in the ‘learning pit’.
  • Take breaks, drink lots of water and WASH YOUR HANDS often.
  • Give yourself frequent ‘screen breaks’ and do not spend too much time online. 
  • Stay positive.
  • Take photos of your learning and send them to your teacher’s email address or
  • Any questions, queries or just to say hi – send an email. We are thinking of you!

Best wishes from Mr McAllister and Miss Morris

Thank you for your support in continuing your child's learning at this unstable time. Please do feel free to contact us should you have any questions or queries and we will endeavour to respond swiftly.