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Year 4

Hello Year 4,

Over the next two weeks we will be doing our home learning a little differently. We are doing this because we do not want you to miss out on learning that we had planned for Summer term. Therefore we are transitioning to Google Classroom. This is how you will be able to access your learning from Tuesday 21st April. Please note that we are uploading work in multiple documents however you do not need to complete it all in one day. Just complete some each day like you would in school. With regards to printing, please try not to print multiple pages. The children can use the orange work books to write in and upload photos or use online programmes such as Word and PowerPoint or use Google Docs in the online classroom.
Maths Using Google Classroom access the 'Classwork' tab. In the 'topics' section. Choose a task to complete by reading the instructions. You can also complete the daily lesson online at I See Maths 

English Rather than daily English lessons you have a section of work here open the document and follow the instructions and activities in order. If you do a little each day this should take you around two weeks - just like a writing learning journey in class. There is also a variety of documents to help you continue to develop your spelling work.

Topic Using Google Classroom access the 'Classwork' tab. In the 'topics' section select a topic that catches your interest and work through an activity following the instructions.

You will also find a Liberation 75 folder which we will use during the week of Liberation celebrations but we have uploaded it already should you wish to look at it in advance.
Should you wish to complete any additional learning you can still access and complete any of the tasks that were posted before the Easter break but priority should be given to the Summer term learning detailed above.
All of the materials that you need are provided. Most of you should be able to complete this independently without you parents having to support you as long as you read/watch the slide shows/weblinks and videos with care. Enjoy being independent and really stretching yourselves as learners.


Good Morning and welcome back to Summer Term 1. Joe Wicks is live everyday as the Nation's PE teacher so perhaps you could start your day in an energetic way! Please complete the Maths lesson uploaded daily on this amazing website if possible send us a photograph of your work. I have uploaded a document called English Journey Summer 1 below. Please work through the slides and complete tasks using your orange work book. The English project will probably take you around two weeks to ensure quality pieces of work are produced. In addition to this, you can continue to work through the tasks set below. Have a wonderful day! 

03.04.20: Easter Holiday!

Well done everyone! You have successfully completed 2 weeks of home learning! Firstly, we would like to thank the parents for all of your support during these challenging circumstances. You are amazing adapting to your new routine and being so flexible! Secondly, the children have been incredible! The work submitted via email has been top quality! Remember, we do not expect you to have completed everything we set, we have set plenty to allow the children some ownership and decisions when it comes to selecting their learning tasks. Mr Baudains has sent out the March Newsletter today so please do take a moment to read this. Please have a well deserved rest over the Easter Holiday! Check back here on Monday 20th April for further updates and content. Warm wishes, Miss K and Miss T x

Happy Easter 2020, Quotes, Pictures, Images - happy easter - Medium

 1.04.20 : NEW Maths, Science Experiment, Reading Comprehension and RE (from Mrs Baker)

Reading -  There is a document entitled Reading Comprehension 01.04.20. Please follow the link to watch the clip and answer the questions. You can either write out the answers in your orange exercise books or email the document back to us. Remember to include the question in your answer - we have worked hard on this skill. 

Maths - We have added a new area of maths:  this week we are looking at money. There is a powerpoint and a series of worksheets for you to have a go at. WS stands for worksheet- a place to practice your new skills! You can either print the WS or write on them using your computer/tablet. Please email Miss K or Miss T with your completed work so we can see how you are getting on (we will return with feedback and marking).

Science: A new experiment for you to have a go at. Can you separate solids from liquids through evaporation? Read the document below to find out how! 

RE from Mrs B: Mrs Baker has asked children to write a haiku, forgiveness poem or draw a picture about forgiveness to wrap up their RE learning for this term. Please find the document from Mrs B below called "Year 4 RE - Forgiveness" for further details. 

Maths - Time: We haven't seen much time work from maths this week, if you have been giving it a go, we would love to see some of your work! I have now removed these as it was getting cluttered. If you need any of the sheets, please email Miss K - and she can send them over.

30.03.20: Google Classroom is now LIVE! Login details have been emailed to students' school accounts so have a look and explore the new site.

30.03.20 - FREE STORIES -
Amazon's Audible have uploaded a selection of stories that you can listen to from any device for free. This is a brilliant way to hear lots of different tales and relax. Please include the answers to these questions after listening: 



Would you listen to it again?

Favourite Character and why?

27.03.20- As promised we have uploaded the answer booklet for the 'Home Learning Pack'. Please only mark the work you have completed so far by ticking or correcting errors in pink pen. 

26.03.20- Please find a new document called 'Week 2 Projects' in the list below. It is not compulsory to complete all the work we are setting so please do not panic. Just do your best.

25.03.20 - We have moved the previous information to the file below - "Home School Schedule and Resources" - it has all the websites and information on.

Stay safe, we miss you all, enjoy the sunshine :)

Miss K & Miss T.