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Year 4


Year 4 Spring Term 1 Newsletter 

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a festive holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for more exciting learning opportunities available in Spring Term 1.  

With the weather growing colder, and the need for in-class ventilation increasing, please can you ensure that your child comes to school with a labelled jumper (or PE jacket when applicable) and coat each day. It has also been noticed that toys/belongings are coming in from home, please may we ask that you check that your child does not have these in their bags unless it is for an agreed show and tell. 


Dates for your diaries:  

  • Friday 10th February – Sand Dunes trip – We are in need of volunteers for this trip from 9-12am. Please email your child’s class teacher if you can help.  

  • Friday 10th February – Last day of half term 


Geography: Misty Mountain Sierra 

High above the morning mists, imposing and eternal rocky peaks and outcrops stand proud. To begin, we will locate and name the continents, countries, and famous mountain ranges of the world. We will then discover how these amazing giants are formed, as a fold, a block, a dome, or a plateau. We will look at the features of mountains, how they are shown on maps (including contour lines to show relief) and explore the eco-systems surrounding them. The water cycle’s course from peak to valley will be explored through Oracy. In Art and Design, we will look at the work of some local artists and use their work to encourage us to create watercolour landscapes, with a trip to the sand dunes for some inspiration.  


English:  Wolves in the Walls and The Abominables   


In English, we will begin by using ‘The Wolves in the Walls’ to create an non chronological report. Our purpose will be to inform the characters in our story to help them find out whether wolves really are dangerous creatures. We will then move on to our second learning journey using the text driver ‘The Abominables’. Each week, we will focus on Reading comprehension by exploring an allocated chapter of the text. We will be taught how to use the question in the answer to ensure everything makes sense. We will answer questions by retrieving, predicting and inferring. In writing, we will begin by studying word structure and order before learning how to lay out and write a letter in role as a character. Key features will be explored and shared before the drafting and editing processes begin.  



We will begin the term on Chapter 4 ensuring that we are confident using short multiplication before moving on to ‘Chapter 5 Graphs’. This is where we will learn how to interpret and create picture and bar graphs. We will also be introduced to line graphs and how they are used to measure change over time. We will make predictions based on trends identified in data. In Chapter 6 (Fractions) we will be introduced to hundredths and learn how to convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions. Following this, we will explore how to add and subtract fractions before solving addition and subtraction word problems.  



Our P.E days are still on a Wednesday and a Friday. We are lucky enough to have a cricket coach with us on a Wednesday. Please ensure that on these days your child is wearing appropriate named school P.E kit.  



Our learning focus will be ‘Christianity’. Our key question is; ‘Is forgiveness always possible for Christians?’ We will be exploring how we can all lead better lives no matter our religious beliefs by behaving acceptably. We will also explore the concept of forgiveness.  


Personal, Social, Health and Emotion:   

Our learning focus will be ‘Dreams and Goals’. We will look at identifying and dealing with disappointment. In addition to this, we will focus on being resilient and working together to support everyone in achieving their goals. 



We will be using the song ‘Lean on Me’ to explore how cultural history has been documented in music and how music can reflect emotional and spiritual themes. We will also be learning Latin words related to how we play music e.g. crescendo.  



Homework is set using three main headings: 

Must: Daily reading, weekly spelling, and weekly maths fluency. 

Should: An individual study of learning per half term. 

Could: Opportunity for further study from a range of options. 

We haven’t had many WOW homework projects to show off at the front of the school! Get creative and try one of the ‘could’ projects!  



  1. Read every day for at least 10 minutes. 

  1. Complete weekly spellings in RWI spelling log and bring to school on a Monday. Use the Spelling menu on the bottom of this letter or school website to help!  

  1. 20 minutes Maths fluency using Numbots/ Times Tables Rockstars or Prodigy weekly. 



Times tables challenge 


  • We’ll be talking about the Yeti… Now research other mysterious primates that have inspired people to search for them, such as Bigfoot in the USA, or the Yeren of China. Make ‘Wanted’ posters featuring an illustration of what you think they may look like. 

  • Research mountain sports such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing or mountain biking. Choose one that excites you, and create a scrapbook of information and images. Feature the equipment or clothing needed and the world’s best competitors in the sport. Perhaps you could try the sport out for yourself on a smaller scale? 

  • Write a ‘true or false?’ quiz which includes amazing statements about mountains of the world. 

  • Using spare cardboard boxes, make a contour model showing the relief of a mountain. 


Thank you for your continued support. 

Mrs Price-Bramble and Mrs James and