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Year 5

Update April 16th:

Our new topic for Summer term is Allotment. Learning for the beginning of Summer Term will be uploaded to Google Classroom from April 20th for pupils to complete and submit. This work should take priority over previously set assignments. If your child can not access Google Classroom please contact your class teacher.

Update April 1st:

Below you will find an RE task from Mrs Baker. This can be submitted to her at

Friday 27th March:

Please see the below details on Home learning. In addition, you will find attached below new activities for pupils during Week 2. The activities and links from our original post below can still be worked through, these are simply a few additions. The new documents are all named 'Week 2' so save you sifting through what is original or new. 

French (From Madam Surcouf)- 

Please find the below French Knowledge Organiser reviewing the language we have covered in Year 5 French so far.  Little and often – 20 mins a day of French revision – would be an excellent way to revise and recycle language previously learnt. Pupils can use the knowledge Organisers to help them select relevant topics to revise when accessing these websites;

Home learning:

During school closures pupils can continue their learning through a combination of resources. These include the packs sent home, the resources on this site and also specific assignments which will be set via Google classroom. Both the website and Google classroom will be updates regularly. In addition to the details below we recommend that pupils can regularly access the following resources:

Busy things (please email your class teacher if you need login details).

White Rose maths-

Daily online maths lessons at 9am-

PE- Joe Wicks is offering online 30min PE sessions for school children during school closures: ‘Starting Monday, every single day from Monday to Friday I’m going to do a live workout called PE with Joe on my Youtube Channel, TheBodyCoachTV.

We have sent home a pack of activities for pupils to continue their learning from home. In addition to this, from next week we will regularly add learning to both Google classroom and this website. The expectation is not that the pupils complete all of the given tasks but select those which peak their interest most. Please guide your child to find a balance across the subjects. Children should also read for a minimum of 20 minutes each day and ideally access TTRockstars daily where possible. Below you will find a number of documents to support learning including handwriting sheets. These do not need to be printed- children can use these online tools for their reference and complete the tasks in the red work books which have been sent home. When completing handwriting practice pupils can watch animated demonstrations of the joins at Select 'Teachers' from the tool bar, then 'KS2' then 'Handwriting animations and worksheets' then 'Route C' then 'Choice 3' then 'Letter joins. 

Pupils all have access to email through Office 365. They can also use apps on this platform to create work and can email it to staff. Instructions to do this are available below. They have be trained in this today but these instructions will serve as a helpful reminder. Pupil email addresses follow the format for example  Their passwords are the same as their school network passwords which they should know. If they do not know these please email your class teacher to retrieve them. 

On March 20th pupils took part in Google classroom training. Their login details will be sent out as soon as they have been processed by Google (hopefully in the next few days). They will receive these via their Office365 email accounts and will also receive clear instructions to show them how to access this resource. 

Only assignments set through Google classroom need to be returned during school closures. Other work can be collected and brought in when we reopen. Should pupils wish to share anything they have completed before this they can email attachments to staff. 

5A also have their Maths No Problem text books and Workbooks. These were sent in error so please keep them in a safe place to return to school when we re-open.