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Year 6

Dear Parents and Children, 

Hopefully, you will have completed the work set at the end of last term which is still attached below. Do not worry if you have not completed all of it as there was a lot set. We have always said that you do your best. If you need parents to support you, try to work round their availability as many will still be working so might not be as easy. Do the things you can achieve on your own first.

With regard to the Summer Term which starts on Monday 20th April, all work will be set on Google Classroom and not on the website where this message is. The work will be uploaded on a daily basis with time scales attached so please try to complete according to the schedule set.

The link for Google Classroom is 

You should all have received logins and passwords for Google Classroom. Some have still to log in and must do so as soon as possible. If there are any problems with access, please could you e-mail either Mr Walters or Mr Steigenberger on the addresses below. This is really important as you will not be able to access work from Monday onwards otherwise. 

Hopefully, the use of Google Classroom for learning will be short lived, and we will see you back at school, as soon as possible. 

With regard to the work set last term that is below, it will be deleted from the website prior to the start of term as we will be expecting everyone to start on the work set on Google Classroom. If any previous work has not been completed, do not worry.

Whilst you will have lots of work to do, please do not forget to spend some time on Numbots/TimesTables Rockstars every day. The link is:

Finally, please try to send us some of your work each week. Certainly, at least one piece where possible. A lot of work will be submitted on Google Classroom, eg) comprehensions, or put into red books, but pieces of writing for examples can be typed and sent to us as an attachment to our E-mail addresses above. Some of you did E-mail work last term which was great because we were able to send it back to you with some feedback. They can then be printed and stuck in your red books if you want. If you can’t, don’t worry. Even photos or powerpoints are well received.

Kind regards,

Mr Steigenberger

Mr Walters